For those who know me, know that I am a hands-on active CEO with an open door policy for all.

As a former clinician, my first and foremost focus is on quality patient care, followed by family and referral source communication and employee satisfaction.

My vision is to continue to be actively involved in each and every day with the surrounding communities we serve, taking pride in good patient care and customer and employee satisfaction. In my previous experiences although I had the ability to voice my concerns, I did not have the ability to implement the needed changes. I have committed to a way of communicate with each and every individual regarding Beacham Memorial Services or needs.  “The CEO Wants to Know” link is my way of hearing the voices of individuals throughout our company and service area.

As you know, it is somewhat impossible to express complaints or concerns directly to the Chief Executive Officer of most companies. I believe the statement “If you don’t know there is a
problem, you cannot address the problem”, is very relevant to my position as CEO. I would like to take this opportunity to allow each and everyone a chance to communicate with me via email. Please utilize the confidential link below, thank you in advance for your time and consideration.

Freedom Healthcare

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